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Schedule Monitor

Under 'Schedule Monitor' you can manage your notification email addresses in a more fine-grained way. 

Each notification email concerns only one specific Schedule with a link to that specific error or issue.

You will find the Schedule Monitor page under Account Settings > Schedule Monitor.

Before you would manage who receives the notification emails on a per service-basis directly in the Service List. We have now moved this into the Account Admin area (Account Settings > Schedule Monitor).

For example, you can set up an email address to receive notifications on all schedules for a specific service (the "DEFAULT FOR SERVICE" entries) or you can set up an email address to only receive notifications on a specific schedule (on a specific service). If the "Notify Email" address is filled in for a specific Schedule, then this will be used. If not, then we send it to the email addresses set up as "DEFAULT FOR SERVICE".

If no email address is specified on any "DEFAULT FOR SERVICE" entries, then the Schedule Monitor process will automatically create an entry for each of the Account Administrators.

You can choose to disable sending emails for a specific Schedule or for all schedules by unchecking the "Active" checkbox.

We are now limiting the number of emails sent per day to a specific "Notify Email" address to the number stated in "Max. Daily Emails" field (default is 10 emails per day). This can be changed by contacting our support but it should normally be enough. There is not much idea in receiving a lot of emails with notifications and by the time you open these emails, the issue might have been resolved. We provide two other possibilities to get up-to-date information on Failing Schedules - either in our user interface under "Service List" -> "Failing Schedules" or using our REST API [[REST_API+Schedules+List_Overdue_Schedules]]

We are also now monitoring the delivery of these notification emails and if the emails cannot be delivered to a specific email address, we mark it as "Bounced" and stop sending emails to this address. You can see when a specific email address was marked as Bounced in the "Bounced On" field and by hovering over the date, you can see the reason why the email bounced.

The Schedule Monitoring process will automatically create entries in this list for each Active Schedule (schedules that do not have Status = Stopped) and also the "DEFAULT FOR SERVICE" entries. The process will also automatically split an entry into 2 or more entries if the "Notify Emails" field contains more than one email address. So if you need to have several email addresses notified, just enter all these in the same field, separated by comma (,) and don't be surprised when they are split out to multiple entries next time you look.

Please note: It will take about 10 to 20 minutes for the entries to be added to the list by the monitoring system.

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