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Using a Web Service to trigger a Schedule in Rapidi

To use a Web Service to trigger a Schedule in Rapidi is run immediately, please follow these steps:


First of all: To use this feature, you need to ask the Rapidi support team to enable this feature and set up your  OrganizationId on your Rapidi Service (If you are using, we prefer using that OrganizationId, otherwise it can be your company VAT number (appended with some secret number for added security))

  1. Open a case at  - include you OrganizationId

If you have not already done so, create a Schedule in Rapidi, for the Transfer or Group of transfers that you want to trigger

  1. Create the Schedule in Rapidi service configuration


Create a client Web Service in your system using the information below:




You need to use the Web Service called: ScheduleTrigger2

The parameters are the above-mentioned OrganizationId, the ServiceId (the number you see in the MyRapidi URL after service/), and the name (code) of the Schedule in Rapidi that you want to be triggered.